CarPay-Diem (Edenred): refuel with your smartphone or vehicle

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Posted on 06.05.24
Exit Driver Services

CarPay-Diem is a fuel pickup and digital marketing platform, allowing any mobile application or connected vehicle to activate any fuel pump or charging station regardless of brand, equipment used or location. method of payment.

CarPay-Diem integrates and enriches any existing mobile application, whether it is a fuel retailer or any other mobile application or connected vehicle wishing to improve its offering with an on-site payment function combined with innovative approach to direct marketing. CarPay-Diem is a neutral platform that can serve as a single point of access to multiple retailer brand sites.

The CarPay-Diem marketing platform enables retailers and energy providers to rethink digital marketing in a revolutionary way. CarPay-Diem allows retailers to connect directly with drivers. Offsite or onsite, at the time of purchase, to directly impact the customer journey and ultimately drive more sales on their sites.