Chango, a marketplace dedicated to urban electric mobility

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Posted on 15.05.23
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Chango was born out of the desire to address a paradox that hinders the decarbonization of our transportation. The factors in favor of electric mobility have never been so numerous and convincing: decarbonization, road development, purchase subsidies, inflation in the price of thermal vehicles and oil, among others. However, taking the plunge is still a daunting task because of the many obstacles. Technical complexity, a plethora of products, the predominance of new brands with low brand awareness, high prices, to name but a few.

Chango’s response to the first-time buyer has three objectives:

  • To inform him/her for an enlightened purchase, with objective, neutral, practical content on vehicle tests, comparisons, etc.
  • Reassure them about the product with a selection of reference brands, with quality vehicles, on all segments of micro mobility, from 1 to 4 wheels.
  • Accompanying him/her before/during/after the purchase with a range of services such as vehicle testing, video exchange with our advisors, help with subsidy collection, payment deferral, insurance, maintenance, etc.

Chango is positioned as the online reference for electric mobility with a strong differentiation on support and reassurance.

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