NOWOS, the expert in the circular economy of lithium-ion batteries

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Posted on 15.05.23
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NOWOS is a social enterprise specialized in Lithium Ion batteries. Their experience in the design engineering, development, production and recycling of lithium-ion batteries gives NOWOS exceptional know-how on how to repair a battery more efficiently in order to extract as much raw material as possible.

Today, many batteries are destroyed without first considering repair. They would like to share their expertise and knowledge with their target group of professionals only, and they believe that efficient repair and recycling of used lithium batteries is a much more sustainable solution than extracting virgin raw materials from mines.

Nowos accompany companies in the safe transport of their batteries to their three repair plants based in the Netherlands, England and France. Batteries that have been reconditioned by their experts are then returned to the market.

For first life batteries that cannot be repaired, NOWOS offers a second life solution with the extraction of components that may be needed to repair another battery, but also the constitution of new batteries.

By becoming an expert in extending the life cycle of a lithium battery, NOWOS becomes a player in the decarbonization process.

Key figures

23 tons

of material saved 2022


batteries received in our factories in 2022


of batteries initially destined for recycling were able to return to the market

Nowos’ goal: to facilitate the development of the circular economy by repairing batteries and extending their lifespan.