Southern Europe Mobility Ecosystem: the infographics!

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Posted on 24.06.22
Mobility insights

In May, we proposed to continue our European tour of innovative mobility ecosystems, initiated last November with the DACH area, by focusing on the ecosystem of Southern Europe.

The Mobility Club Talks helped you better understand the mobility ecosystem in Southern Europe and its characteristics by inviting various key speakers throughout the month of May.

How does this ecosystem differ from the French one or the German one? What are the key topics in this geographical area? What obstacles do they encounter? How are public-private partnerships set up? How does collaboration between startups and large corporations work? These are just some of the questions we will try to answer this month with our experts.


Only for Mobility Club members, here is the infographics coming from all the great insights shared by Sergio Diaz (Connected Mobility Hub) and Candace Saffery (Bia Power)

The rest of the article is for Mobility Club members.

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