The Report State of European Mobility Startups 2022

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Posted on 24.01.23
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State of European Mobility Startups 2022

The Mobility Club by Via ID and Dealroom.co are pleased to publish the 3rd edition of the report: “State of European Mobility Startups – 2022”. This is the most comprehensive, data-driven report about the European mobility landscape.

We started this journey last year, by publishing the very first edition of the first report series dedicated to European mobility startups. 2021 marked a record year for investment in European mobility with $14B invested, a record year for Exits with $81B in value, and 14 newly created mobility unicorns.

So, what happened in 2022 for the European mobility ecosystem?

Venture capital and corporate venture in European mobility 

Total amount invested in European mobility startups reached $11.2B in 2022, the 2nd best year ever (down 19% compared to 2021). However, CVC investment in European mobility reached an all-time high, with $3B (an 11% increase compared to 2021).

Europe is now home to 7 newly created mobility unicorns. 2022 has frozen the public markets, M&A seems to be the only way to exit. 

Sector and regional analysis

Europe loves electric mobility, representing the highest share ever of European mobility investments. In addition, this sector is maturing: representing 72% of all megarounds in 2022. 

It’s worth mentioning that logistics is still the most funded sector, while maintenance is the most growing one.

At the global level, it’s quite fair to say that Europe remains the most innovative region, and demonstrates more resilience compared to the USA.

About the Mobility Club by Via ID

The Mobility Club is an acceleration platform for mobility players (corporates, enterprises,  scale-ups, investors). The Mobility Club supports its members in their innovation strategies, and help them to understand key mobility trends, and the resulting opportunities for them. Its value proposition is built around 3 main pillars: inspiration, matchmaking, acceleration.

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  • How does Europe compare to the US?
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