Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics

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Posted on 26.06.24
Investment Jeux Olympiques et Paralympiques Startup

How are mobility startups gearing up to facilitate the movement of people and goods?

The Olympics present a colossal challenge for the logistics and transportation systems of Paris and the Île-de-France region. With millions of visitors expected, increased traffic, and heightened demand for goods delivery, the city faces unprecedented logistical pressure. Efficiently coordinating movements, avoiding traffic jams, and ensuring smooth delivery of essential goods are challenges that demand innovative solutions and meticulous preparation.

For Via ID, business accelerator and investment fund under Mobivia, a key player in supporting sustainable mobility startups, this period is intense yet opportune for testing and deploying innovations in sustainable mobility. Startups in Via ID’s portfolio are actively gearing up for the Olympics and Paralympics by offering innovative solutions tailored to the specific logistical and mobility challenges of Paris and the Île-de-France region.

Logistics: how is TRUSK ensuring smooth deliveries in Paris this summer?

Transport companies are adapting to ensure deliveries to businesses and individuals during the Olympics and Paralympics in Paris this summer. TRUSK, a leader in last-mile delivery, is preparing for the logistical challenges by coordinating with its partners to avoid peak days like the opening ceremony, the marathon, and time trials. Proactive communication, accompanied by a specially designed JOP24 guide for drivers and stores, helps prevent and anticipate delays. By integrating security perimeters and restricted zones into its algorithms, TRUSK generates optimized routes for its subcontractors, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Inclusive mobility: Groupito provides vehicles for people with reduced mobility (PRM) with “CaoCao”

To promote sustainable and inclusive mobility, Groupito, a platform for renting buses, coaches, minibuses, vans, and cars with drivers, is adding vehicles adapted for people with reduced mobility (PRM) to its fleet through a partnership with CAOCAO Mobility France. These six-seater London-style taxis, equipped with access ramps, are designed to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility and will be available for various trips in the Île-de-France region. This partnership aims to facilitate the movement of people during the event, offering inclusive and accessible group transport solutions essential for the smooth running of the Games. Additionally, these vehicles will be available for event services, ensuring maximum accessibility for all participants.

Auto repair: GOMECANO optimizes on-site car repair services to meet motorists’ needs

GOMECANO, a French startup offering mobile mechanic services, is boosting its operational capacity by significantly increasing the number of Gomécaniciens in the affected areas to meet the increased demand during the Olympics while considering the summer vacation period. GOMECANO’s partner mechanics will receive specific support to plan their routes, adapted to the new Olympic routes, thanks to a new business application. GOMECANO ensures quick interventions with vehicle mobility restored within 36 hours, whether the vehicles are gasoline, hybrid, or electric. With a national presence, GOMECANO is ready to support users traveling between various Olympic sites across the country.

Bicycles: Reebike democratizes bike electrification

With many Parisian streets closed to cars for several days, Reebike is committed to making electric bikes more accessible and affordable for everyone by offering an innovative rental solution that allows switching to an electric bike for less than one euro per day. With quick installation times of 2 to 15 minutes for different models, Reebike offers a variety of bikes with a range of 60 to 150 km. Using innovative electric wheel technology, Reebike makes it easy and cost-effective to electrify any mechanical bike, facilitating the transition to sustainable electric mobility.


“The Paris Olympics and Paralympics represent an exciting opportunity for transport and mobility players to rethink movement solutions to make life easier for citizens. To meet these challenges and enhance the overall experience, these sustainable mobility startups have demonstrated collaboration, innovation, and a keen focus on users’ needs,” concludes David Schwarz, CEO of Via ID.