Saemes joins Mobility Club!

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Posted on 28.06.23
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Saemes joins the mobility club

Saemes, a major parking operator in the Île-de-France region, has just joined the Mobility club – the acceleration platform dedicated to mobility players initiated in 2018 by Via ID – in order to deploy more innovations and services within its parking lots.

Saemes: a major player in urban mobility in the Paris region

Founded in 1979, Saemes builds, renovates, manages and operates a vast network of 65 parking lots across the capital, offering practical, secure parking solutions adapted to different forms of mobility (cars, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles, electric vehicles).

Saemes also offers several types of complementary services designed to actively improve the daily lives of its customers, including:

  • Digitalization of the customer experience: Saemes shares the available parking places on its website and makes it possible to book one directly on saemes.fr as well. 
  • Carwash in selected public parking lots: ecological and waterless (zero waste, 100% biodegradable) interior, exterior or complete carwash services.
  • A complete car maintenance and repair service by appointment: launch in early 2023 of a partnership with Speedy in the Bac-Montalembert parking lot (Paris 7e). Full details here.
  • Electric charging stations: almost 1,300 charging points are available for electric vehicle users in most Saemes parking lots. Find out more here.
  • Services for cyclists: Saemes has over 1,000 bicycle spaces in 27 parking lots, free bicycle maintenance and inflation stations, recharging points for VAE bikes, the sale of bicycle accessories via vending machines and a repair workshop in the Gare de Lyon Méditerranée parking lot.
  • Services for motorized two-wheelers: dedicated, secure parking areas, free helmet lockers, electric recharging points…

Building on its 45 years of expertise, Saemes is also committed to sustainable development.

The company has taken concrete initiatives to:

  • Limit worksites’ impact on the environment: a specific charter has been drawn up by Saemes to minimize all types of nuisance (noise, olfactory and visual), employee health risks and local pollution. Each of their service providers must comply with these standards.
  • Reduce waste in parking lots: selective sorting has been in place for over 10 years. 12.5 tons of electrical equipment waste have been collected and recycled since 2010. And one ton of WEEE (WASTE ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT) was recycled in 2022.
  • Contribute to biodiversity: since 2015, Saemes has even been growing its own honey on the roofs of its parking lots. Its 3 beehives are installed on the terrace of the Vaires Torcy (77) park-and-ride facility.

Saemes x Mobility Club: the partnership

Saemes’ ambition is to adapt to new challenges in terms of parking, mobility and ecological transition. To achieve this, the company is focusing on innovation to develop new services in its parking lots.

The Mobility Club by Via ID is delighted to have Saemes as a partner!

Although focused on its primary mission of operating parking lots, Saemes has been developing expertise in launching new services for years, aimed at motorists as well as cyclists and motorcyclists. Being part of the Mobility Club will be a springboard for attracting startups, deploying innovations within our parking lots and developing ancillary activities, particularly in the urban logistics and low-carbon mobility sectors.

Adeline Margerand
, Margerand, Marketing & Development Manager at Saemes