Via ID's journey towards impact-investing - Part N°2

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Posted on 28.02.24
Impact Investing

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Our commitment to impact is further reinforced in our post-investment endeavors:

Supporting : dedicated impact leadership

We firmly believe that impact requires dedicated attention within our team structure. Hence, we have appointed an Impact Director (Léa Degardin) who oversees all related initiatives, from advocacy efforts to providing specific support to our portfolio companies through specific action plans. With Fifteen for example we had issues collecting data about the use of shared public bike services. That’s why we have launched the “Rapport du vélo public” with the support of Ademe and many actors of the sector. These elements will help Fifteen better understand their model and prove their avoided emissions of CO2.

Reporting : annual impact data collection

Each year, we gather specific data on the impact generated by our portfolio companies to facilitate their carbon assessment.

Following the framework outlined by the Net Zero Initiative, we calculate both Pillar A (emissions generated) and Pillar B (avoided emissions). This process is standardized across all investments, involving:

  • Identifying one or two key impact metrics
  • Annual data collection
  • Calculation of emissions generated (Pillar A)
  • Calculation of emissions avoided by the solution (Pillar B)
  • Sharing findings with the portfolio and identifying avenues for improvement

We think about collecting other extra financial information: if you have any feedback about it please contact us !

Recognize extra financial impacts via Climate dividends

Since its launch Via ID has been a proud member of the Climate Dividends Initiative.

The Climate Dividends Initiative is a non for profit co founded by Ademe, Mirova, Sweep, Team For The Planet, 2050, Fondation Kanopée Partage, chaired by Brune Poirson.

Climate Dividends are the mirror of financial dividends for climate:

  • Extra financial indicator corresponding to the positive climate value generated by an activity that can be awarded by the shareholders of the company delivering this activity
  • 1 ton of CO2e avoided or removed by a company = 1 Climate Dividend distributed to the shareholder

Complementary to the carbon footprint assessment of a company and to emissions reduction strategies, Climate Dividends aim at valuing and making more visible the positive climate contribution of companies and the investment made in those companies ! 

This makes total sense for Via ID to measure and value our positive contribution in the most standardized way possible!

Forward-thinking impact initiatives

To strengthen our impact, we have outlined several action points:

  • Establishing an impact business plan to be updated annually
  • Introducing impact BSPCE (Employee Stock Options) to better align interests and promote impact-driven growth. Kudos to Axeleo for pioneering their implementation in France
  • Claim Climate Dividends for every new startup in our portfolio avoiding CO2 emissions 

In pursuit of impact: our dedication to profitable and sustainable ventures

In our path to more impact, we’ve prioritized the implementation of meaningful metrics to manage with the right KPIs the extra-financial value created by our portfolio. This approach doesn’t question the rigorous analysis of financial and strategic aspects.

We firmly believe that impactful ventures must demonstrate strong financial fundamentals. Venture capital plays a crucial role in fostering companies that address societal and environmental challenges, especially in urban mobility.

Our commitment remains clear: to support ventures that offer both financial returns and contribute to a sustainable future.

Do you work on these topics ? Do you want to share your views with us ?