STARTUP SYNERGIE: The traxi x ATU collaboration

An interview with Fabrice Flamand, Store Offer Leader at ATU.

TRAXI x ATU l'interview de Fabrice Flamand - Leader offre magasin chez ATU

What does traxi do?

Founded in 2020 by Jakov Akishin and Vitalij Schreider, Traxi is a German startup that has developed a digital solution and patented hardware equipment for renting trailers of various sizes and models on a minute-by-minute basis, 24/7, through self-service terminals. The traxi service is deployed in the parking lots of auto centers, DIY stores, furniture stores, and hypermarkets.

How did traxi and ATU meet?

traxi approached us through Matthieu Foucart two years ago, and we were immediately impressed because the solution has no equivalent in Germany. It is 100% digital, can be used autonomously by customers, and is quick to install as it is powered by solar energy (no heavy construction work is required).

What does the proof of concept (POC) with ATU entail?

Our goal in working with traxi is to quickly enhance our offering and test the relevance of this model near ATU centers (ATU does not currently offer trailer rentals themselves). We started by implementing 3 centers last year and have now expanded to 14 stores this year, thanks in part to the fundraising carried out by Via ID, which allowed them to increase their trailer inventory.

What challenges did you face, and what results have been achieved?

On the challenges side, being a small company, traxi cannot yet operate rapidly nationwide, so we sometimes have to locally train employees to maintain the trailers.

As for the learnings, by testing the solution on a very small scale, we realized that the most rented trailers were car carriers and storage boxes used for moving, which are the more expensive options compared to standard baggage trailers.

We found that the application is very intuitive, allowing customers to manage everything themselves, which frees up our employees from being involved in this service.

What are your projections in the coming months?

Currently, the revenue model is based on renting spaces to traxi and sharing the revenue above a certain amount. We will continue in 2023 to gather as many insights as possible. In terms of KPIs, out of 62 rented spaces, we achieved approximately 120 rentals in May. On average, each rental lasts 22 hours and generates €43 (incl. tax) in revenue.

For 2024, we will define a revenue model that allows for a greater sharing of value based on the results obtained in 2023 before considering further deployment.

What have been the advantages of working with this startup and investing in it?

Investing in traxi has allowed us to truly work in co-construction with them, guiding them in trailer selection and helping them define the implementation criteria based on our market knowledge. They bring their expertise in technology and data, enabling us to decipher the trailer rental market.

An interesting customer evolution would be the ability to drop off a trailer at a different terminal than the departure one, for example, during a move.

When working with a startup, I believe it is important to listen to their needs, be aware of their limitations, and vice versa, so that the solution and the need can meet, and we can co-construct together as we have done with traxi.