Trouver un réparateur: the Moove lab startup that speaks for itself

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Posted on 18.03.22
Acceleration Startup
Trouver un réparateur: the Moove lab startup that speaks for itself 1

Trouver un réparateur, startup from the Moove Lab’s 8th promotion – the only acceleration program dedicated to mobility and autotech startups at Station F, co-founded by Mobilians and Via ID – offers an after-sales management platform for micromobility professionals.

Trouver un réparateur: THE solution for micromobility players

Co-founded in 2019 Lenny Carquin, Alexis Faure and Pierre Bodmer Le Lay, Trouver un réparateur facilitates the daily life of micromobility professionals by allowing them to manage the booking of after-sales service appointments (vehicle maintenance and repair) via a digital platform.


The startup has developed a platform that: 

  • Connects users with micromobility vehicle repairers, in real time, thanks to its platform (Doctolib type) which facilitates the booking of appointments. 
  • Brings together all micromobility professionals (craftsmen, sellers, bike or scooter repairers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.) to facilitate their connection.

It is a B2B and B2B2C platform, which allows the mobility professional to digitize and fluidify appointments with individuals, as well as to contact other professionals easily if he needs to. It’s kind of a Doctolib for micromobility, a necessary solution in a market that is still very scattered and lacks a marketplace where professionals can easily collaborate and manage their appointments.

Lenny Carquin
, Co-founder of Trouver un réparateur

If a user is looking for a repairer close to his location, he can find him via the platform. And if an actor A (a mobility distributor for example) wants to contact an actor B (a manufacturer), he can do it easily via Trouver un réparateur.  

Their goal: to offer an optimal micro-mobility user experience to end-users and to allow any mobility professional to digitize its after-sales services. 

The platform – available in France and Belgium – is already operational; 13,000 cyclists created an account. It also includes 420 partner repairers, as well as 20 brands and manufacturers.

For which vehicles?

On the platform you can find professionals to repair all micromobility vehicles: bike, electric bike, scooters, electric scooter, etc. Everything that has 2 wheels, except the motorcycle.

How did they come up with this business model?

The founders of the startup are all cyclists: “When we move from one city to another and we need to have our vehicle repaired, we don’t necessarily know the professionals near us. We search on Google and it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to find a repairer and make an appointment. Or, we go directly and the professional can’t see us right away, he may also ask us to leave our vehicle for several days.”

The internal organization of mobility professionals does not allow them to offer real-time appointment scheduling or quick pick-up: “We thought we could offer a simplified contact experience through digital means, by displaying the availability of repairers near each user in real time.”

What is the added value of Trouver un réparateur?

 Trouver un réparateur is positioned on two main points: 

  • Enabling end users to easily and quickly schedule an appointment with a repairer. 


  • And enabling mobility professionals to better communicate and work together. This segment accounts for 80% of the startup’s revenue, which is generated by companies that subscribe to a monthly fee for their solution. 

“The competition is only positioned on the first segment, which is to provide service to the end user. The Trouver un réparateur platform has more impact because it connects all the players in the micromobility market and makes their daily lives easier.”

Why join the Moove Lab?

“It’s the only accelerator dedicated entirely to mobility, so it was important for us to join an acceleration program linked to our sector. It’s also a program co-founded by two recognized players in the market – particularly for supporting mobility startups – and has a large network of partners that allows us to benefit from feedback and support in the ecosystem.” Explains Lenny.

The next steps for Trouver un réparateur

  • The startup is starting a roadshow to raise between 800,000 and 1 million euros. These funds will allow the company to expand its team, including developers and sales people, and also to deploy its platform in Europe by the end of 2022 – early 2023, first in Germany and Spain. The startup has already been present in Belgium since the beginning of 2022.
  • Conclude a partnership with one of the most important players in the mobility ecosystem that will enable the startups to become the reference platform for micromobility after-sales service management in Europe.