MEET THE TEAM: An interview with Clément Guillemot, Startups programs & Ecosystem Director at Via iD

Clément Guillemot - Meet the team

Hello Clément, who are you?

What’s your mission at Via ID?

Hi! I’m Clément. I’m originally from Lille but now based in Via ID’s Paris office in the 2nd arrondissement. I’m 33 years old. I joined Via ID in 2018, first as a Partnership Manager and then as the Program Manager for Moove Lab. Since January, I’ve become part of the CODIR team as the Leader of Ecosystem and Startup Programs.

Our team manages two startup support programs in the mobility and automotive sectors. The first one is Moove Lab, located at Station F, which we co-founded with Mobilians, the professional union for automotive and mobility services, where Mobivia plays an important role. Moove Lab is designed for startups that already have a commercial product and want to raise funds and accelerate their business growth through our network of partners like BMW France, Bridgestone, EDF, Opteven, Roole, Cofidis, and more.

The second program is the European Startup Prize for Mobility, created in partnership with the European Parliament and specifically with the Transport Committee Chair, Karima Delli. It supports innovative startups and SMEs that want to expand from a national to a European scale. Last year, both programs celebrated their 5th anniversary. Together, we have evaluated over 4,000 applications and supported nearly 150 startups!

My responsibilities also include the Mobility Club, which is targeted at major mobility and automotive companies. We help these companies understand industry trends, identify the best startups for partnerships or investments, and we organize monthly events to foster community engagement. The Club currently has 13 members, including TotalEnergies, Groupe ADP, Hyundai Motor Group, Lax Box (D’ieteren), Caisse des dépôts, Transdev, and others.

What can the ecosystem and startup programs bring to Mobivia’s BUs?

Our Ecosystem and Startup Programs team is here to serve Mobivia, and our ambition is to serve even more in the future! Thanks to our unique deal flow, which is probably the most comprehensive in France and Europe, and with the support of Romain Laffitte, Director of Investment at Via ID, we have a unique vision of innovation trends in the sector. The annual State of European Mobility Startups study, which decrypts the European mobility startup market, is a perfect example. We plan to release a French version in early 2024.

Moreover, every startup we support through Moove Lab or the European Startup Prize for Mobility helps us gain a better understanding of their market, offering, and technology. These learnings can be applied to our core business activities, allowing us to prepare plans, envision new offers, and more. It’s also an opportunity for collaboration to provide our clients with a seamless experience, meet their expectations, and offer innovative services to support the automotive transition. We work closely with Pierre Heyraud’s team, the Leader of Partnerships & Business Development at Norauto, and the B2B teams in this regard.

One of our strengths is the network we cultivate, comprising corporates in the mobility and automotive sectors, investors, mobility specialists, and public actors. We can activate this network based on Mobivia’s leaders’ needs, and we bring everyone together during events like the Mobility Club. Our next event, in partnership with Transdev, will take place in Paris on September 26th, focusing on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on public transportation. We are also planning an event dedicated to electric vehicle battery maintenance in November. Stay tuned!

If you want to learn more about how my team can support you, if you’re looking for an innovative solution, or if you simply want to discover Station F – the world’s largest startup campus – feel free to contact me!

What news would you like to share?

As for recent news, we just closed the call for applications for the European Startup Prize for Mobility, and we’ve beaten our record after five editions with over 700 applications from all over Europe! It’s a great achievement, and the team worked hard to gather as many applications as possible. We’re now in the evaluation phase, and I’d like to express my gratitude to the internal evaluators, including Laurent Houvenaghel, Sylvain Selves, Pierre Heyraud, Frédéric Cecconi, and Jérôme Gaulier, for their participation.

What do we really need to know about you?

And on a lighter note, it’s true that I’m actively involved in plant trafficking at Via ID. So if you’re looking for an agapanthus or hydrangea for your terrace, I’m your guy!